Whip Pediatric Cancer Videos + News

Abri and her little sister Ariya

This little beauty is whipping Ewings Sarcoma!!!

heck out 7 year old Abri and her little sister Ariya doing the ‪#‎WhipPediatricCancer‬ challenge.
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Warrior Princess Emma

Emma and Her Awesome #whippediatriccancer Moves

Check out warrior princess Emma and her awesome moves!!!
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Whipping Ewings Sarcoma in Texas

Zachary Whipping Ewings Sarcoma in Texas!

Meet Zachary- he’s whipping Ewings Sarcoma in Texas!!! He’s one of the strongest boys I know!!!!
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Elaina Murphy whipping pediatric cancer!

Check out little Elaina Murphy whipping pediatric cancer!

Elaina was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and she is whipping it’s butt!!!
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Whip Pediatric Cancer

Parents Do #‎WhipPediatricCancer‬ Challenge

Scarlet whipped Neuroblastoma!!! WPC loves you Scarlet
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Meet the 16-Year-Old Who is Whipping Cancer with the ‘Nae Nae’ Dance

Jordan Belous was interviewed about Whip Pediatric Cancer by People Magazine and was their Thursday Hero of the Week. Read the…
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Dancing the Whip

Little Girl Dances to Whip Cancer!

Maggie Kate's Whip and Nae Nae! Help the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge Go Viral.
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19 Months Cancer Fighter and Siblings #‎whippediatriccancer‬

Noah (19 months cancer fighter) and his brothers and sister!
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Otis Library, Martin House & SMHA Whip Pediatric Cancer!

Otis Library, Martin House, and Southeastern Mental Health Authority are proud to accept the challenge made to us by Reliance…
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Summit Lane Whip/Nae Nae Challenge

Summit Lane ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬!!! Love it! Dance or donate for pediatric cancer research in 2016! It’s easy! #‎WhipPediatricCancer
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#‎whippediatriccancer‬ challenge!!

Check out Jordan, Zach and Leah doing the ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ challenge!!

Whip Pediatric Cancer Jordan, Zach and Leah want to try to make a difference by bringing awareness to Pediatric Cancer.
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Heart of Gold

Happy New Year Whippers!

Hi Whippers! It has been a while since I have done my last blog post. I apologize for that. I…
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Memorial Sloan Kettering Funds Raised

What People Are Saying

"The girls gained so many skills from participating in the Whip Pediatric Cancer event. They wrote speeches and practiced presenting before going before the student council to ask to partner as a combined school. From there, they approached the school principal to pitch the idea. Posters, money collection, class visits, teaching the dance to others, laughing, patience, math and organizational skills, empathy, as well as the pride of it all coming together on the day of the event.  As they say 'priceless'."

Munsey Park Kindness Club

"Fundraising for Whip Pediatric Cancer aligned with our commitment to community service while promoting wellness for children with cancer. The whole experience of dancing the Nae Nae, custodial staff obtaining a cherry picker to video tape about 1,000 children from an aerial view, technology staff printing out 3 foot high letters kids held up to spell Whip Pediatric Cancer... we all felt blessed.  The buzz and excitement around the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge was infectious. We felt united toward a serious cause but we were having fun and helping others, which helped us to bond and feel good."

Angela Jardinella - Special Education, Crossroads South Middle School

"The Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge brought much excitement to East Broadway. Students, staff and parents were happy to participate in the video as well as raising money to bring an awareness for pediatric cancer. East Broadway unfortunately had and has several students who suffer with cancer and we know first hand how devastating this is for the family and school community. We hope that the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge continues to grow so that one day there will be a cure."

Jeanmarie Wink - Principal, East Broadway Elementary

"We are a small nursery school with a huge, generous heart!  When we learned about Jordan's WhipPediatric Cancer challenge to raise money for pediatric cancer, it coincided with our own school's "Pay It Forward" awareness. Everyone - staff, children, parents, grandparents - came together as one to fight against pediatric cancer. Our entire school community felt like one!!! We raised close to $2,000 and we plan to continue to do "The Whip" each year so that a pediatric cancer cure can quickly be found!!!!"

Ellice and Ilene - Huntington Jewish Center Nursery School

"Westhampton Beach High School's Broadcast Journalism students kicked off the challenge at our school last year. The teachers followed suit and completed the Whip Pediatric Cancer challenge at the school's pep rally. The challenge was meaningful for all involved and created unity and awareness among the faculty and students at the school and made a memory that will last them a lifetime."

"It was an honor to participate in such a worthy cause, and our school enthusiastically rose to the challenge. Over two hundred families attended and made donations to help find a cure for pediatric cancer."

Andrea Kosofsky

"Such an amazing cause! Our son Kamron has been battling cancer for the last 6 months. Programs like this are uplifting and show these kids how much support they truly have. How the community rally around them. Keep up the incredible efforts!"

Kristen Isom-winfield

"In just an hour at the ball park tonight we raised $102 with our extra Gold Hearts from school. Thank you for all you do, it's making a difference! Whip Pediatric Cancer!!"

Alisha Thomas Beylerian

"Amazing organization run by amazing people."

Jill Chavanne Augustine

"Love the organization! I am proud to be apart of something so great, and honored to be able to spread childhood cancer awareness in Such a positive way thanks to the heart of gold program!! Thank you for starting this and for caring about our kids enough to try and make a difference. Our school loved it and all the kids took it very seriously. They also had a blast when it was time to dance it out at the end of the day. Such a great idea!"

Misty Meadows-Morgan