Bring the “Heart of GOLD” Program to Your School

What is the Heart of Gold program?

Every year an estimated 250,000 children are diagnosed with cancer. That’s about 700 kids a day! But despite these numbers, in the U.S. only 4% of federal funding is dedicated to finding a cure for pediatric cancer. We want to change this harsh reality by increasing awareness of childhood cancer and raising much needed funds for research to find a cure.

You can help find a cure by participating in our Heart of Gold program, which empowers students around the world to raise awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research. Last year 971 schools participated in the program!

How does the Heart of Gold program work?

Participating in the Heart of Gold program is easy! Starting in September, each student at participating schools will:

  1. Decorate a gold paper heart.
  2. Explain to their parents how they can help “whip” pediatric cancer by donating a few dollars.
  3. Hang the hearts in a prominent place in your school.
  4. Once your golden hearts display is complete, it’s time to get creative and make a Heart of Gold video! Gather your students together, teach them the whip/nae nae dance (or your students can teach you!), then film a video of everyone dancing to the “Whip/Nae Nae” song by Silento.
  5. Send the funds your students have raised directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Does your school have a Heart of Gold?

Your students can make a big difference by participating in the Heart of Gold program! By raising awareness about pediatric cancer – and raising funds for much needed research – your school can have a lasting impact in the lives of pediatric cancer patients around the world.

Thanks to generous sponsors we can send you a FREE kit with everything you need to get started. Grab your “Campaign in a Box” by filling out the form on this page.

Your kit will contain:

  • Gold paper hearts – enough for each student in your school
  • A Whip Pediatric Cancer t-shirt
  • #WhipPediatricCancer bracelets

The kit also includes instructions and access to a special section on my website that provides helpful information and tips on how to go gold at your school. If you have any questions, send me a message on Facebook or at whippediatriccancer@gmail.com. Your kit will arrive in August, in time for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month this September.

Please help us bring this to the attention of as many teachers & principals as possible by sharing this page.

Thank YOU for helping to Whip Pediatric Cancer!

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What Participants Are Saying:

"The girls gained so many skills from participating in the Whip Pediatric Cancer event. They wrote speeches and practiced presenting before going before the student council to ask to partner as a combined school. From there, they approached the school principal to pitch the idea. Posters, money collection, class visits, teaching the dance to others, laughing, patience, math and organizational skills, empathy, as well as the pride of it all coming together on the day of the event.  As they say 'priceless'."

Munsey Park Kindness Club

"Fundraising for Whip Pediatric Cancer aligned with our commitment to community service while promoting wellness for children with cancer. The whole experience of dancing the Nae Nae, custodial staff obtaining a cherry picker to video tape about 1,000 children from an aerial view, technology staff printing out 3 foot high letters kids held up to spell Whip Pediatric Cancer... we all felt blessed.  The buzz and excitement around the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge was infectious. We felt united toward a serious cause but we were having fun and helping others, which helped us to bond and feel good. Thank you Jordan!"

Angela Jardinella - Special Education, Crossroads South Middle School

"The Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge brought much excitement to East Broadway. Students, staff and parents were happy to participate in the video as well as raising money to bring an awareness for pediatric cancer. East Broadway unfortunately had and has several students who suffer with cancer and we know first hand how devastating this is for the family and school community. We hope that the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge continues to grow so that one day there will be a cure."

Jeanmarie Wink - Principal, East Broadway Elementary

"We are a small nursery school with a huge, generous heart!  When we learned about Jordan's WhipPediatric Cancer challenge to raise money for pediatric cancer, it coincided with our own school's "Pay It Forward" awareness. Everyone - staff, children, parents, grandparents - came together as one to fight against pediatric cancer. Our entire school community felt like one!!! We raised close to $2,000 and we plan to continue to do "The Whip" each year so that a pediatric cancer cure can quickly be found!!!!"

Ellice and Ilene - Huntington Jewish Center Nursery School

"Westhampton Beach High School's Broadcast Journalism students kicked off the challenge at our school last year. The teachers followed suit and completed the Whip Pediatric Cancer challenge at the school's pep rally. The challenge was meaningful for all involved and created unity and awareness among the faculty and students at the school and made a memory that will last them a lifetime."

"I would like to express my gratitude to Jordan Belous for initiating the WHIP Pediatric Cancer Challenge. It was an honor to participate in such a worthy cause, and our school enthusiastically rose to the challenge. Over two hundred families attended and made donations to help find a cure for pediatric cancer. Jordan is mature way beyond her years. Her professionalism and compassion are evident. Thank you Jordan for your commitment to rid the world of cancer for our children!"

Andrea Kosofsky

"Jordan is wise beyond her years. She is the original heart of gold. She has a special spot in every child's heart that is fighting cancer, that she's ever met. She is a true inspiration for me. Be all that you can be and more. Her foundation has brought so much joy to all that has crossed her path. Thank you for making a life long impact in each and everyone of our lives."

Kelly Quinn Wadle

"Such an amazing cause! Our son Kamron has been battling cancer for the last 6 months. Programs like this are uplifting and show these kids how much support they truly have. How the community rally around them. Keep up the incredible efforts!"

Kristen Isom-winfield

"It's very rare in life that people go above and beyond to help others. Thank you for all that you do for these brave little Superheroes."

Jaye Seidlin

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for these beautiful wonderful children."

Nilah Munoz

"Thank you for all you do ! The kids love all you do for them !! ❤️"

Vickie Tomey Bell

"You are not only aware to people with childhood cancer but show the mirror to society how much cancer cure is important. You are true jewels of the universe. One day your true effort make world cancer free."

Manish Kumar

"Thank you for all you do to help find a cure for this terrible disease. Prayers for all who are fighting the fight and always for a cure."

Nelda Praytor

"In just an hour at the ball park tonight we raised $102 with our extra Gold Hearts from school. Thank you for all you do, it's making a difference! Whip Pediatric Cancer!!"

Alisha Thomas Beylerian

"Thank you for continuing the fight for these beautiful children that deserve more than 4% and who deserve to Live."

Ofelia Navarro

"Thank you so much for what you are doing. It breaks my heart that pediatric cancer gets so little attention and funding."

Cathy Davis, Grandmother of acute myelogenous leukemia survivor

"Your hard work is being rewarded. You are a wonderful young lady who has brought joy to my granddaughter, Abby, and many other children fighting this rotten disease. I am praying that your efforts in this fight will continue to make people aware of the need for a cure as soon as possible."

Kasey Cockrell

"Thank you for all you do for the kids. We have been blessed to meet you a couple of times and you are such an inspiration. Marina has gone through so much but seeing someone her age take a stand for this horrible disease is amazing."

Patty Poliviou Duszak

"Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the these little children our little angels!!"

Susan Anderson

"She (Jordan) is a true inspiration for me. Be all that you can be and more. Her foundation has brought so much joy to all that has crossed her path. Thank you for making a life long impact in each and everyone of our lives."

Kelly Quinn Wadle

"Thank you Whip Pediatric Cancer for a great day!! It was the 1st time ice skating for the kids and they had a blast! Thank you JJ for having a Heart of Gold!"

RuRu Liao-Sim

"You are truly an angel on Earth and we are blessed to have met you through our journey fighting cancer. Thank you for all you do!"

Patty Poliviou Duszak

"Thank you for all that you do to not only bring awareness to this horrible disease, but also what you do to bring light and love to the precious warriors in this fight."

Kim York

"Thank God for you as you continuously give joy and happiness to all the children. You are definitely a Super Hero to Tessa, Stephen and all these wonderful children! God bless you all!!"

Denise Bunce

"You make alot of us inspire for more change and to be more active in what we can do locally to help these children."

Renee Blevins

"I have donated a few times to this amazing charity . Today I attended one of their events & was blown away with what they do for these amazing kids."

Jeffrey Ford

"I love what you do for these kids keep up the amazing work!"

Gina-Marie Lawrence

"I know I've told you this many times but from the bottom of my heart thank you for all that you do for our children... we love you!"

Aaron Okola

"Your work for these kids is amazing! You are an inspiration to everyone around you."

Lauren Dennison Anno

"Keep inspiring and changing the world."

Nandi Mbaya

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