Happy New Year Whippers!

Heart of GoldHi Whippers! It has been a while since I have done my last blog post. I apologize for that. I just want to thank you ALL for such an AMAZING year! 2015 will be a year I will never forget. Since the end of August, Whip Pediatric Cancer has reached all ends of the world. Together, we have brought more awareness and much needed funds to pediatric cancer research. I am so close to reaching my 20,000 dollar goal.

Throughout my journey being the founder of Whip Pediatric Cancer, I have met so many amazing people who have changed my life forever. I have spoken with people all over the globe who share with me their stories and experiences having a child with cancer, or even loosing a child to cancer. This makes me mad, as I am sure it makes everyone mad. Why? Why do these kids get cancer? They never had the opportunity to drink or smoke or do anything bad. They never had the opportunity to live their lives as a normal child, before being diagnosed with cancer. This needs to change.
This winter break, I had the opportunity to spend time with two very special girls, Tessa and Lola. Together, we laughed and played and took silly selfies and danced and did all things that a healthy kid should be doing. Things that cancer takes from millions of kids. But look out cancer, you picked the wrong princesses! Seeing them smile was the highlight of my winter vacation.
I want to share with you all some of the things that have been said to me throughout this journey.
The other day, Tessa and I were walking in the streets of NYC holding hands and jumping over the cracks in the side walk, and just being goofy as usual.  As we were waiting to cross the street, we stood on the side walk and started to whip and nae nae and tried to get a car to honk at us. The two of us were laughing uncontrollably, and then Tessa looked at me and said “This was the best day ever!” I smiled, and then she came over to me and gave me a hugeee hug!! She then said “I tell all my friends at home you are my best friend ever” and I said, “Tessa you are my best friend too!” We really have a special bond that can never ever be broken.
I also said goodbye to my little Lola bug who will be moving this week to continue her journey against Chordoma. We played and played and played some more, as Lola drank lots of chocolate milk and snuggled up on my lap. Oh how I love her!! After spending the day, Lola’s mom sent me a message which made me smile from ear to ear.
“You are an angel! Lola loves hanging out with you and I couldn’t thank you and your mom for a great visit! I hope you come and visit us in Massachusetts! Keep making children smile and laugh and play and feeling great! Happy New Year!!”
That is what its all about.
2015 is over, but now we have the base to make 2016 the best year yet. YOU can make a difference. I know we are going to Whip Pediatric Cancer!
As of today, we have over 15,000 people “liking” the Facebook page. Imagine if EVERY person donated just ONE dollar! These kids are still fighting. They need our help! Come on guys! Lets #WHIPPEDIATRICCANCER!!!

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