Honorary Vice President: TESSA MARIE PROTHERO

Tessa Marie Prothero loved her life. She loved to dance, sing, play soccer, swim, play with her fidget spinners, make slime, and do everything and anything else a typical 9- year- old girl would do. She always danced like no one was watching, and she loved with no borders. She was one in a trillion.

Tessa was born on February 25, 2008. She was loved since the day she was born, by her Momma┬áKarin and Dad Bobby. She had two younger siblings Marley and baby Jay, or as she called him, “JayBird”. Tessa had a large family who loved her soo much.

I met Tessa in New York City shortly after I started the challenge in 2015. Times Square goes gold each September for pediatric cancer awareness month. Tessa and I clicked at the first hello. Since that day we have not left each others side. When Tessa and her family came to get treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I came to visit her and her family and take Tessa out to do fun things in the city. It is so hard being away from home in a big city, so I always did my best to bring sunshine into her life. We always say we are soul sisters. There is something about our bond that is just so unique.

When Tessa went home to be treated in Michigan, we would FaceTime and text all of the time, but I also got the opportunity to surprise her at her home in Michigan many many times, and spend a ton of quality time together. The entire Prothero family has taken me in as part of their family and I am so so grateful they shared their Tessa with me.

Tessa is and will always be my favorite person. she had this sass and spunk that I adore. She was good at everything she did whether it was dancing, or singing, or swimming or drawing and painting, she was a good student and a great friend and role model to everyone she met. She loved her life and she showed everyone how to live their own life to the fullest. She really is the sister I never had but always wanted.

Tessa has gained the hearts of thousands on both her own Team Tessa Battle Against Neuroblastoma page and my page Whip Pediatric Cancer. She always said when she grew up, she wanted to be on the board of Whip Pediatric Cancer and she said “It’s not because you are in charge of it. I just LOVE the idea.”

Tessa also gained a huge fan during her fight, our favorite guy, SILENTO, the young man who wrote the song “Watch Me”. He sent her two videos encouraging her to continue to “Whip Pediatric Cancer.” She LOVED it.

Sadly, Tessa girl “won” her battle with stage 4 neuroblastoma on June 17, 2017. She didn’t get to grow up to be on the board of Whip Pediatric Cancer. “Only the good die young”.

According to Tessa’s mom, she spoke my name till the last days of her life, and I promise I will continue to say her name and spread awareness for this disgusting disease until the last day of mine.

Tessa touched the hearts of so many in the greatest way possible, and her death will not be in vain. Social Media has allowed thousands to love her, and pray for her, and I will continue to use my platform to raise awareness and funds for this disease.

I have decided to make Tessa the honorary VP of Whip Pediatric Cancer. I know she would be soo excited!!! I am also excited to continue to carry on Tessa’s love of life and work with her family… stay tuned :)

Tessa will forever be my soul sister. I love her with all of my heart and soul.