How to Take the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge

1: Learn “The Whip”

Learn how to do “The Whip.” Below is a tutorial with all the dance steps and the original Silento music video.



2: Make A Video

Record a video of you and your friends doing the whip. Make sure you say something about Whipping Pediatric Cancer and that you challenge some friends to dance or donate.

3: Upload your video to social media

Upload your video using the hashtag #WhipPediatricCancer. If you want the world to see you whipping pediatric cancer on Facebook, make sure to change the settings on your video to public.

Need help posting your video to your social media account?

Click Here for Instructions

You can also send us your video by clicking here. We might share it on our website or social media pages!

4: Help the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge Go Viral

If this goes viral it will make a huge difference in the fight against pediatric cancer. Have your friends like and share our Facebook page. If every person that liked our Facebook page donated just $10, we will raise $411,300. Please encourage your friends to donate because pediatric cancer stinks. Show the world you have a Heart of Gold!

For a limited time you can also buy #WhipPediatricCancer t-shirts and hoodies! All proceeds will be donated directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering.