about-2As I’m sitting here, scrolling through my Facebook feed, I keep seeing status like “ughhh back to school” or “why can’t it be summer forever?”. Although we all wish that summer could last forever, lets be real. Be grateful that your child will be getting on that big yellow bus in the morning waving goodbye to you out the window. Be grateful that you can take your child to pick out a new back pack and do all “back to school things”.Because some families won’t be sending their child to school this year. Each school day, 46 children are diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer. That is equivalent to 2 classrooms full of children. Every day at least 7 children will loose their battle with pediatric cancer. Be grateful your child is alive, and or able to go to school. You might be thinking, “well how does this affect me?”. Believe it or not, cancer affects everybody. Every kid with cancer is someones child, brother, sister, cousin, friend, niece, nephew, student, neighbor, etc.

Pediatric cancer has affected my life. My mom was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma 13 years ago. From then on, my passion is to help children with cancer. I will never ever stop fighting for the kids until there is a cure. According to St. Baldricks, there are 175,000 children battling cancer around the globe each year. SO why does the National Cancer Institute only give 3.8% of their budget to pediatric cancer? Children deserve #morethan4. SEPTEMBER is PEDIATRIC CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. Please go GOLD in the month of September. I hate pediatric cancer. Do you have a heart of gold? I know I do. Please keep whipping until there is a cure. #WHIPPEDIATRICCANCER #danceordonate #morethan4

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