Whip Pediatric Cancer Videos + News

Meet the 16-Year-Old Who is Whipping Cancer with the ‘Nae Nae’ Dance

Jordan Belous was interviewed about Whip Pediatric Cancer by People Magazine and was their Thursday Hero of the Week. Read the…
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Dancing the Whip

Little Girl Dances to Whip Cancer!

Maggie Kate's Whip and Nae Nae! Help the Whip Pediatric Cancer Challenge Go Viral.
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19 Months Cancer Fighter and Siblings #‎whippediatriccancer‬

Noah (19 months cancer fighter) and his brothers and sister!
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Otis Library, Martin House & SMHA Whip Pediatric Cancer!

Otis Library, Martin House, and Southeastern Mental Health Authority are proud to accept the challenge made to us by Reliance…
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Summit Lane Whip/Nae Nae Challenge

Summit Lane ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬!!! Love it! Dance or donate for pediatric cancer research in 2016! It’s easy! #‎WhipPediatricCancer
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#‎whippediatriccancer‬ challenge!!

Check out Jordan, Zach and Leah doing the ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ challenge!!

Whip Pediatric Cancer Jordan, Zach and Leah want to try to make a difference by bringing awareness to Pediatric Cancer.
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Heart of Gold

Happy New Year Whippers!

Hi Whippers! It has been a while since I have done my last blog post. I apologize for that. I…
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Arizona Community

1,400 teachers, students, staff and community members came together in Arizona to ‪#‎WhipPediatricCancer‬

This is a MUST watch video!! So inspiring! Meet Abby! and watch how 1,400 teachers, students, staff and community members…
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Whip Cancer

‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ at the Ronald McDonald house in Morgantown

‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ at the Ronald McDonald house in Morgantown.
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Farmingdale Dalers Whip Pediatric Cancer

Let’s hear it for Farmingdale School district!!! EVERY school in Farmingdale NY participated in the ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ challenge!!! Thank you Farmingdale!!!!!
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The Friendship School Whips for Pediatric Cancer Research

The friendship school ‪#‎whippediatriccancer‬ for Mad about Madeline and Pediatric Cancer Research.
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