Our Impact

Knowing someone out there CARES is more helpful and powerful than you’ll ever realize!!
Our daughter still talks about the care packages and photoshoot we had! Providing my girl with smiles and happy memories during a terrible time… you can’t put a value on that!!!
The visits, care packages, face times, videos and photo shoots made going through surgeries, chemo, ot/pt fun! For years post treatment my daughter still has fond memories of JJ and to this day raises money to help Whip so she can add a little sparkle and hope to another child currently in treatment!!​
Reese’s Mom
Thank you again for her candy box last year. It made her so happy and it’s a memory I will never forget. I am so grateful to you for making that happen. You are truly an amazing soul. Thank you so much for being you​
Riley’s Mom
Whip Pediatric cancer helped our family at a very dark and difficult time. Our daughter Kaylee battled Neuroblastoma for nine year and in that last year her tumors wrapped around her spine and she became paralyzed. This was very difficult to navigate emotionally and physically. With Kaylee being paralyzed it was very challenging for her to get around in our home. We needed a handicap bathroom and shower. Whip Pediatric Cancer saw the need and set up a fundraiser to help with the cost associated with the remodel. We are so grateful for them. JJ would often text and check in with Kaylee. Sometimes a silly picture or words of encouragement. JJ woukld always put a smile on Kaylee’s face. At Christmas time JJ loves to surprise children with Christmas gifts. She understands the financial burden that can come with a cancer diagnosis. She would never want a child to go without, so she makes sure they don’t. WPC helped lift a burden off our shoulders.​​
The day we came home from burying Hadlea’s best friend she had a care package from [JJ] that made her heart soften. She was so in love with the blanket [JJ] made for her and she carries it around daily. [JJ] cares more than an ordinary person, she’s extraordinary. She make each and every kid feel like they’re at home in your heart and you never fail to put a smile on their face. She is so loved beyond words and appreciated beyond measure! Thank you for being you, J​
Sami so enjoyed when you two came to visit. She loved hanging out with Jordan, showing Jordan her room and taking goofy pictures together. You guys brought lots of smiles to my little girl when she needed it most. Thank you!!
Sami’s Mom
We are forever grateful to you!
Riley’s Mom
Rosie fell in love with you the first time she met you. You are so wonderful with kids. She loved playing and playing for hours with you. Your fundraiser for our family after Rose relapsed helped us with our medical bills. We didn’t have to ask for help you just put everything in to place for us. Thank you so much for being such an amazing young lady
Rose's Mom
We love you so much JJ. You helped make such a dark and challenging time beautiful and fun. Your love for the kids and their families is inspiring. We truly have been blessed by you. Thank you!
Jayce's Mom
Jordan, it is you I am thankful for this holiday. Of course the presents are appreciated by Brooklyn and all of us. She was in a new place across the country from her California home living the pediatric cancer nightmare with her frightened parents. Most important is that you were there for all three of them helping in so many ways. And above all is that you are doing everything to ensure that you have fewer and fewer kids who need you because together we adults will Whip Pediatric Cancer!!!
Brooklyn's Aunt
We volunteer for Skate for Gold every year. It is such a great event to be a part of. WPC is a special foundation to volunteer for as my daughter is a pediatric cancer survivor and the Belous Family have become dear friends.
Julia's Mom
When Stephen was diagnosed Karin emailed me about your candy box and told me about Tessa who also had neuroblastoma. I reached out to you and immediately there was your amazing box with all of his favorite sweets. Th You put such a smile on his face and warmed my heart. The visits to the hospital and the countless messages and videos. You are such an amazing person. Always putting our little warriors first and foremost. So much love for you. You are still Stephen favorite JJ. Thank you for being such a huge support in our biggest time of need.
Stephen’s Mom
I never got the chance to participate with her, but I know my daughter Kimi appreciated your organization so much! Thank you for your support of pediatric cancer warriors and their families!
Kimi’s Mom
Thank you WPC for standing with us in our daughter’s fight with neuroblastoma. I love that this organization not only raises money for research and promotes pediatric cancer awareness but they also become your friends and family. The emotional support and love you have given our family has been so incredible. You spoil both our children with not only presents but also your time. We love you
Brooklyn’s Mom
Whip Pediatric Cancer not only took my daughter, Tessa, under their wings but they included our whole entire family. They treated us like family and JJ and Tessa became forever soul sisters. They showered Tessa with gifts and sweets but most importantly with love. We are forever grateful to JJ and her family and Whip Pediatric Cancer
Tessa’s Mom
Our entire cancer journey in NYC has been shaped by the emotional support Whip Pediatric Cancer provides. Their generosity gave our children wonderful memories of an otherwise difficult journey. JJ and her family have become part of ours. We are grateful for their devotion to encouraging families fighting this awful disease and advocating for awareness across the globe.
Raia’s Mom
So grateful for Whip and all you. From special visits, to including the siblings in trips to the candy shop, to spotlighting the kids who need love and prayers or cheers sent their way. One thing that is very special to Wyatt is the Heart of Gold program. Our school has participated since Wyatt was diagnosed and he really loves that his school community supports him and fundraising for pediatric cancer in that way
Wyatt’s Mom
I was only a bystander but the way you were able to distract Natalie during treatment to sing and laugh and belly laugh. Priceless. Grateful. Joy in the midst of sorrow. Grateful always and forever
Nurse at Memorial Sloan Kettering
WPC was a bright light during a dark time. From the moment Nora met JJ she was in love and always will love her like a big sister. She got her moving on days where she didn’t want to and brought a smile when she wasn’t feeling good. From the gifts, the playtime to facetimes calls JJ always knew how to make her feel special. Thank you for all you do for families like ours
Nora’s Mom
The love that has been shown to not only my child, but children from all across the world by Whip, is absolutely phenomenal. Not only does Whip raise funds for Pediatric Cancer Research, they’ve all become our family. I could never thank you enough for being such a great friend to not only my daughter, but to myself as well. We love you guys
Lani's Mom
Thanks to WPC we where able to buy our warrior the puppy she had been asking for. After being sent home on hospice this was a gift that WPC helped fulfill. We are forever greatful to have had this help . Thank you WPC. And thank you Jordan
Lily's Mom
We arrived in NYC after our treatment option ended in New Zealand. We only knew a handful of people and Jordan Belous reached out after learning about our son. She came to visit us soon after that and several times during our 5 month stay in NY. Our son was quite shy but Jordan was kind and patient with him and eventually won him over. We felt so welcomed by Whip Pediatric Cancer during an incredibly difficult time. JJ’s passion to raise awareness & funding for pediatric cancer research is something I’ll never forget. We love you Jordan 💙🎗💙
Corey’s Mom
Jordan Belous JJ, you supported my Shanaya the first even though we lived on separate continents. You made a dying little girl's wish come true by visiting us on our Disney trip. My baby girl carried you with her even when death took her away from us. Im forever grateful for the happiness you brought to Shanaya in the little time you had together. Love you always
Shanaya’s Mom