Who We are

Whip Pediatric Cancer is a 501 C3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and help find a cure by funding research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. We also aim to provide smiles to children and their families while fighting cancer.

The Beginning

It all started with a song, a dance, and an immense passion for curing pediatric cancer. In 2015, I (Jordan Belous) was sitting on the beach listening to the popular song “Watch Me” by Silentó. All summer long, people of all ages were doing the Whip and Nae Nae dance. I knew there had to be something there. Within minutes, everything clicked. I came up with the Whip Pediatric Cancer challenge, where I posted a “whip video” and challenged my friends and family to dance or donate to pediatric cancer research. Within hours, the hashtag #WhipPediatricCancer went viral and transformed the pediatric cancer community forever.

About me - Jordan Belous AKA JJ

Hi! My name is Jordan, better known as JJ, and I am the founder of Whip Pediatric Cancer. I am 21 years old, a senior at the University of Tampa majoring in Allied Health with a concentration in Physical Therapy Sciences. I am an ordinary girl on an extraordinary mission to cure pediatric cancer. I run all social media accounts and plan and execute everything you see via Whip Pediatric Cancer. People always ask how I juggle being a young person and running the foundation, and my answer always is, if you love something and you’re passionate about it, you will always make time no matter how busy you are. With the hustle and bustle of going to class, going to parties, hanging with friends, it is sometimes overwhelming, but I love these children with my entire heart and soul and would do anything and everything in my power to help them. I believe you are never too young to make a difference, and I channel my energy into changing how the world treats cancer.


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