What we do

Whip Pediatric Cancer’s number one goal is to eradicate pediatric cancer. Raising funds and bringing awareness are our top priorities. We also provide smiles to children and their families while they’re going through treatment.

In our efforts to Whip Pediatric Cancer, we do a variety of fundraising activities as well as outreach to support the pediatric cancer community. Our primary fundraiser is the Heart of Gold Program. To date we’ve sent out over one million gold paper hearts to schools around the world. We’ve raised almost half a million dollars specifically for pediatric cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Additionally, each holiday season, we host a Whipmas Toy Drive so that we are able to bring toys with us to every child we visit. During the pandemic , we have been hosting fundraisers for families who are in the thick of treatment and need some extra funds to get by. And of course, my favorite thing to do is going on visits and providing smiles for kids with cancer and their siblings.

This year because of COVID-19, we are launching a new program, called Streets of GOLD. Please help raise awareness by purchasing and proudly displaying the Whip Pediatric Cancer Heart on your car’s window. Let’s all tell Pediatric Cancer to hit the road!

Heart of Gold Program

Family Fundraisers

Warrior Visits


Skate for gold