Family Fundraisers



Tessa was my everything. She fought cancer with a scarf and a smile, and she was never caught without lip gloss and a pair of high heels. She was my best friend, and she is the reason I fight so hard to make a difference so that no one ever goes through the pain of losing their best friend like I have lost mine. Tessa was known for her dancing, her music videos, her loving personality and high sense of fashion. She made more people smile then she even knew. She made this world a better place. At the end of her life, we made a t-shirt fundraiser for her. Silento, the singer of Watch Me, even contributed and bought “We Love Tessa” shirts for himself and his entire team.



I got to meet Riley and her amazing parents when I went to school in Michigan. She was always singing princess songs, coloring, or doing something creative. She loved to learn and sing, and she left her mark on this world. We held a t-shirt fundraiser for her and her family during the final stages of her life.



Charlotte was one of the first kids I got to meet when I started Whip Pediatric Cancer. She stole my heart from the very first time we met with her gracious ballet skills and sweet and quiet personality. She was a perfectionist, an artist, and the best big sister around. Our bond is something so sacred to me. Charlotte passed away after suffering from long-term effects of pediatric cancer. She beat cancer. It was the toxic treatment that ultimately took her life. I forever miss her every day. We were able to do a T-shirt fundraiser for her and her family.



Lily was a beautiful girl who fought Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. We had the honor of getting close with her and her family from the beginning of her fight. She stole our hearts with her wild imagination and fierce love of princesses and everything pink. Unfortunately, she passed away in September 2020. Our hearts broke for our little Lily. We created a T-shirt fundraiser reading “Lily Bea Strong,” where family and friends were able to show their love and support for the bravest girl in NYC.

Maddy & Jack


Both Maddy and Jack bravely battled Wilms Tumor at a very young age. The twins are both healthy, surviving, and thriving. If having two kids with cancer wasn’t enough heartbreak, at the beginning of the pandemic, Maddy and Jack lost their beloved father, Joe due to COVID19. We knew we had to help them during this heartbreaking and difficult time.