Family Fundraisers



Finn is a family friend of our beloved Hunter Rose. She does not have cancer but has been treated on the pediatric oncology floor at Seattle Children’s Hospital for her immensely rare conditions. She even received chemotherapy as part of her treatment. Because of the rarity of her illness, there are no foundations that are aimed to help her. Hunter’s mom reached out and asked if there was anything we could do as the family struggled. Our hearts broke, and we knew we had to help!

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Kaylee fought cancer for over eight years. Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. We met Kaylee early on when we started Whip Pediatric Cancer. Her laugh was contagious; she was athletic, smart, funny, quick whited, and loved to tickle me and pull pranks on me. She loved Starbucks, video games, LEGO’s, and playing soccer. One time she pulled my shoe-laces out of my sneakers so that I couldn’t leave when it was time to go home. Sadly, at the end of Kaylee’s battle, she lost mobility in her legs, which made it difficult for her to do basic things like making it upstairs to her shower. We were able to help her family to create a handicap accessible shower for her.

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Shelli battled Stage 4 Neuroblastoma for a long time. She and I became friends over the internet. We would often message and just talk like regular friends would. Our schedules never lined up to meet in person, but I felt like I knew her. She lost all of her mobility towards the end of her fight, and we decided to help her get some things that were handicap accessible for her new home with her new husband.

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Rose is the perfect mix of sugar and spice. She is all princess at pink at times, but also enjoys hanging out with New York State Police Department and playing Pokémon. We fell in love with Rosie after getting to visit her in NYC. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, Rose relapsed and had to start treatment once again. Relapsing is never easy, but during a pandemic, it makes it even more difficult. We wanted to help her and her family the best that we could.

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We never got the honor to meet Lily but fell in love with her via social media. When doctors told Lily’s parents there was nothing else to do treatment wise, her family decided they wanted to get her a dog to raise her spirits. We were able to help them bring a puppy home to their sweet Lily to enjoy during a rough part of her journey.

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